Do you love your Ikea sofa? We love it!

Your sofa is in your important moments of your life. It's where you relax, where you rest, where you dream. So such an important furniture in your home deserves to pay more attention. In Telas del Sur we place at your disposal covers for your Ikea sofa that will allow you to renew your appearance and style. Why do you resign yourself with the limited covers available from Ikea? Create a unique cover designed and made exclusively for you.

In our wide variety of fabrics and designs you will find the cover that will allow you to have the sofa you always dreamed of.
Maybe your old and beloved Ikea sofa is no longer made and you would want to renew its appearance. A whole problem, right? Maybe you have no choice and you need to buy a new one. No!. In Telas del Sur we can make a cover for your discontinued Ikea sofa and will look as nice and pleasant as the first day.

Exclusive for you, with the best fabrics and handmade in our workshops in Spain. When you buy a cover in Telas del Sur we immediately get to work. Our craftsmen cut and tailor your cover, so we make sure that it fits perfectly on your sofa, so that in just 4 weeks or less you will receive it in your home. When you buy in Telas del Sur you contribute to the development of the local industry and the prosperity of Europe.

We are a Spanish company in love with Swedish design and with a goal:

Give your sofa a long life!