Find out how we do it: All your questions from A to Z

I bought my sofa at Ikea but I do not know what model it is. Can you help me identify him?

Of course! Carefully examine your sofa. In its structure you should find a sticker with which Ikea identifies its models. There should appear his name and a bar code. In case you do not find that sticker, take several photos to your sofa, measure it and send us that information (photos and measurements) to hola@telasdelsur.com. Surely we can identify it.

My sofa does not appear in the list of covers of Telas del Sur. Can I purchase a cover?

At Telas del Sur, we have made a selection of the best-selling Ikea sofa models in the last 20 years, but we are always adding new models. Leave us a message in our contact form telling us what model you have and we will let you know when we start working. Additionally Telas del Sur sells a universal case that may be able to help you until that moment arrives.

How long will I receive my cover?

Once you have placed your order you will receive your cover in 4 weeks or less. This is the time needed to make your new cover. In Telas del Sur each cover is handcrafted according to the requirements of the customers and this is the time necessary to patronize, cut and sew your new cover. Putting care on the details, just how you deserve it.


Will the cover fit perfectly on my sofa?

Yes, like a glove. The covers of Telas del Sur are tailor-made for each of the Ikea sofa models, with their original measurements and identical fastening methods. That's why it fits exactly like the original covers.
Unfortunately the cover can not supply its fill, so if the cushion fill of your sofa is deteriorated and has lost volume we recommend renewing it.

Why is it advisable to order fabrics samples?

At Telas de Sur we put effort to ensure that the pictures on our website reflect as accurately as possible our fabrics but the colors can vary from one computer monitor or screen to another. That's why we always recommend to order free samples, and is it not great to touch the fabric before to order your new cover?
How long will it take to receive my samples?

If you place your order from the Peninsula or Baleares between 3-5 working days. If you request them from the Canary Islands or the rest of Europe about 7 days


Are the covers of Telas del Sur washable?

90% of the fabrics we work with to manufacture our covers are machine washable. In the case of fabrics containing more than 50% cotton we recommend use cleaners. To make our covers fit perfectly to your sofa we use patterns with the right measure. Natural fibers such as cotton have a tendency to shrink in the wash, even when it is done in cold water or sanforized. In order to avoid that your cover shrinks we recommend in this case the use dry cleaning.

Where are the covers of Telas del Sur made?

All covers and cushions we sell are made with care in our workshops in Madrid. Once you place your order, our artisans patronize and cut your cover in the fabric that you have chosen and sew it. Once finished it is ironed and folded carefully for shipment.

I do not like the cover, can I return it?

At Telas del Sur we accept returns for custom made covers and cushions in case of manufacturing defects. In that case Telas del Sur will bear the expenses and return and substitution of the product for another similar or refund of the amount as the customer wishes.
Unfortunately we can not accept returns because you have changed your mind about the color, you have been wrong about the model or other similar reasons since it is a product that has been made following the requests of each customer. That is why we always recommend before buying a cover to order free samples and make sure what exactly the sofa model is.


Do the covers have a guarantee?

Of course, all our covers have a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

How do I dress my sofa with the new cover?
Although a single person can do it, we recommend doing it between two as it is easier. First you must remove your old cover. Remove the seat cushions and backrests and unclog them. Most Ikea sofa covers are attached to the furniture structure using velcro. Remove them and remove the cover of the structure or canapé. Take advantage of this moment in which the furniture is drawn to suck its structure since surely with the use there is enough dust. Use your vacuum cleaner at low power.

Once removed and without dust you can fit your new cover. Fit the seat and back cushions as well as the decorative ones. Place the cover of the structure of the furniture between two people. You should lower the sleeve slowly from both ends. It can be a bit difficult because the covers are tight but with patience you will be perfect. Wow! You already have your sofa like new. Do not forget to send us a picture of the before and after to hola@telasdelsur.com.

Do you make covers for other non-Ikea sofa models?

Not for now, but Telas del Sur sells a universal case that may help you improve the appearance of your sofa until that time.

I would like to have a sofa cover of a color or fabric that is not in the Telas del Sur fabric collection. Can you help me?

Of course! As much as if you are excited about having a pink sofa as you can see the colors of your favorite soccer team, write us an email, tell us your project and we will try to help you. We have available many more fabrics that will surely satisfy you. The imagination is the limit.