Discover the best “before and after”

Discover the best “before and after”

Mysinge was one of the best sales of Ikea. Its bedside table, its modularity and the option to convert into a bed make it very versatile. We will tell you a case of “before and after” of a 12 year old Mysinge. You will not believe it!

Sofá Mysinge antes de renovar la funda

Apart from the loss of color by sunlight and washing, this sofa had spots that did not come out, scratches of cat and the case was pocketed. Almost unrecoverable, right?

Sofá Mysinge con funda nueva en Pandora piedra

A new cover, some cushions and a floor and this plant looks like another. The cover is made in Pandora Piedra, a very versatile fabric that allows washing in a washing machine.