A Mini Poang that gives a lot of game

 A Mini Poang that gives a lot of game

Surely you know the iconic Poang seat of Ikea, but do you know this version for kids? With a customized cover it becomes a place to dream. 

This kids version of the mythical Poang is only offered in birch veneer and a single beige cotton upholstery.

Sillón Mini Poang antes de renovar su funda

Our client acquired it for her son, but you know how the children are, in just two months she was devastated. Stains of all kinds, chafing of shoes and many balls that had left with the touch and that had left the upholstery with very bad aspect.

Sillón Mini Poang con funda stars beige renovada

Our friend also wanted to give another look and personality to this piece of furniture, so she commissioned a cover in a starry gobelin and the result was so beautiful. This gobelin is beautiful and very elegant as well as providing a touch of illusion to any children's furniture. And since it is reversible it allows to make multiple combinations with cushions, curtains ... the limit is your imagination.